These days’ people prefer condos for living as they are easy to maintain and can make a great living area. If you have more ideas to maintain it, you can make your condo super attractive and cosy. So, let’s see some of these ideas suggested by Studio City Home Cleaning;

Brighten up the place- To make your condo attractive, you should consider the rugs, the drapes, the furniture, and the colour of the walls. Try using dark and neutral colours on your walls. Fix some mirrors around the condos that allow enough sunlight. You can use one large mirror across the window and the other small ones around the condos. Also, if you choose your bulb wisely they can brighten up your space. Therefore, you need to choose your bulbs according to the lumen, not the wattage; wattage is the amount of energy the bulb uses while the lumen measures the overall brightness.

Only keep what you need- In a condo, you only need a few necessary things to make the area free. An open and clean area is the right action for the condo. The best decision is to make the place free from congestion by having a place for everything. If notice an area that has been congested in the condo, then just know that it may be time to get rid of some things.

Choose accessories to decorate your condo- You can decorate a smaller area with just a little creativity. You can set up a bookshelf where you can not only put books but also nice pictures and decorative objects. You can make a comfortable corner where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a book or a family talk. You can also consider placing a colourful kid’s toy.

Try drapes- Offer your condo with some warm stylish drapes. If you want your condo to look amazing, choose sharp-colour and solid. White drapes allow sunlight in the room thus bringing a brighter space and the dark drapes which block unwanted sunlight. Choosing neutral drapes makes space feel calmer and warmer and the tall ones make the condo feel bigger.

A condo can become attractive if you use the above ideas and applying creativity. You can also make it stylish according to the environment you live in.