Studio City

Studio City is the home of the CBS Studio Center in the San Fernando Valley has one of the very lowest population densities in the area with only about 36,000 residents in the area. Enjoying the great mild weather of the region and positioned between a mountain range and the Pacific Ocean to go along with all the entertainment and activity venues in the area making recreational time a very important commodity.

For Studio City residents and business owners to gain this precious commodity they have to find ways to cut down on some of the mundane daily tasks that might be better off taken care of by someone else. One of those tasks that take up so much time is cleaning. In Southern California there is a host of cleaning companies to choose from to take advantage. The best in the business for quality and service is MaidServe.

MaidServe has been in business for over twenty years creating a reputation for being the very best in the business for cleaning and offers clients the guarantee the service they receive will be of the highest quality and provide them with complete satisfaction. In addition to giving a great service, all agents of MaidServe show up fully equipped to get the job done with the right equipment, supplies and cleaning solvents so they only thing they leave behind is the sparkle, shine and smell of a space that has been cleaned just right.

To help their agents provide the best service possible, all MaidServe agents are fully trained with a five point comprehensive training program that covers both proper cleaning of a space as well as teaching the right etiquette to practice when around clients. With all the support and proper equipment the agents of MaidServe utilize their tools to make sure residents and business owners in Studio City enjoy the fresh clean feeling of a job done right.

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