Let’s face it, germs are unavoidable. I mean, they are invisible, and no matter how hard you try, no matter the precautions you take, you will always get infected. And that’s not the worst part, as they can even spread to other people too. So, what can you do to not only avoid getting infected but also infecting others? Well, for starters, you need to understand that germs can live both on the inside and outside of a body. The ones on the inside, are able to reproduce, which is why their lifespan is not relevant in this case. But the germs on the outside of the body can easily be removed.


How long germs can last outside a body largely depends on the type of germ itself. In this article, we will take a look at two of the most common germs to humans; bacteria and viruses.

Viruses – technically, viruses are incomplete organisms, which means they are not alive, when outside a human body. But that doesn’t mean they are ‘inactive’. On the contrary, viruses can still spread to other people and are extremely resilient, which means they are tough to beat. There are quite a number of viruses out there, the most common ones in the world right now being Coronavirus and HIV. Others include smallpox, hepatitis B, and C.

Bacteria – when we talk of bacteria, these are living organisms, unlike viruses. As such, they require some form of sustenance, which is why they prefer porous places or surfaces like moldy surfaces and contaminated food. Bacteria can only stay for about two hours without a way to sustain themselves. But there are also bacteria that survive in the most extreme conditions like in high temperatures or Ph levels and can survive for weeks.

What can you do about the germs?

For starters, it is important that bacteria are everywhere, even inside our bodies, but the good news is that only a small percentage of bacteria are harmful. So don’t panic! Now, the most common way to deal with germs is through cleaning. Wash your hands regularly and also ensure that you clean surfaces around the office or home as often as you can to remove the germs.

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