Keep Clean During Covid-19

Since the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 as a global pandemic on March 11th 2019, a new paradigm has emerged as Americans have been thrusts into a post-Covid-19 world and its ramifications cannot be downplayed. While many of us have been enveloped by the stresses of the changes to our daily lives, as well as possible infection, it is important to remember that we are not powerless. We can take measures to ensure the safety and health of our friends and loved ones.

SARS-coV-2 is highly communicable virus that is primarily spread through respiratory droplets from coughs and sneezes, or from speaking to an infected person at a close distance. As all of us must make that trek into a brave new world of possible infection, we cross the gamut of potential situations of rampant cross-contamination. To combat this, our vigilance must extend beyond simple hygienic measures. Whether we reside in an apartment or home, it is of the utmost importance to make sure that we take cleanliness to a whole new level. A thorough re-imagining of domicile cleanliness is an ongoing process of progressive decontamination of major touchpoints and high traffic areas to prevent infection. We are facing a new danger to our collective health and well-being and as a result we must go beyond the standard measures of sanitization that we have employed in the past.

It is important not to become overwhelmed, and these fears can be assuaged by turning to a trusted professional. This is where MaidServe comes in. We are a professional cleaning agency entrusted with the responsibility of connecting you to the right professional that will be making your home a safe and clean environment, where you can relax and enjoy with fewer worries. Try us today and make an investment into your health and security.

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