We agree that cleaning a house isn’t a fun idea but it has to be done. If you are not up for it, you might require professional help just to remove the task out of your list. The biggest advantage of hiring a professional is that they reduce the time and effort that you spend doing the same task. Sherman Oaks Office Cleaning ensures that your home looks presentable by tackling all the dirt, dust, and stains from the floor, walls, and other places in your home.

Hiring a home cleaning agency may sound easy, but people commit mistakes which should be avoided because they affect the outcome and quality of the work. These are the common mistakes clients make while booking a home cleaning;

  • Underestimating the condition of the house and time required to clean

This is the most common mistake that applies to most of the clients. The reason why most clients do this, is because they want to pay less for the work done. But unfortunately, a thorough cleaning job doesn’t work that way. Some of the cleaning agencies try to explain why more time is needed to complete the job and provide a decent job and they are not required to re-do the cleaning.

  • Trying to lure the cleaning lady to work directly with them.

Some of the clients, after hiring the cleaning company for some time, tend to convince the cleaning lady to work for them directly. The reason as to why people opt to hire directly is because; freelance hourly cleaning rate is cheaper than the cleaning companies. Also, the cleaning companies have high costs as they are expected to pay taxes, advertising costs, and also training their cleaning crew to develop their skills.

  • Not reading the Terms and conditions of cleaning service.

Terms and conditions avoid misunderstanding between a client and the cleaning company. Every cleaning service provider has its own rules and regulations. The way they serve, the kind of service they provide, whether there cleaning supplies are or not, and a few other details are mentioned in terms and conditions. Some of the cleaning companies advise clients to always read through the terms and conditions to avoid conflicts.