Hygiene in medical facilities is vitally important. It is very easy to get an ailment of some sort if/when you visit a dirty, germs full facility. Secondly, clean spaces attract more clients since they feel that they can be safe and taken care of perfectly. In this blog, we’ll review the basics of medical facility cleaning.


Proper Medical Facility Cleaning

There is nothing special to it. It’s basically like cleaning up around the house. Simply dusting, mobbing the floors, taking out the trash, wiping surfaces with disinfectant, cleaning and disinfecting the toilets and bathrooms. etc but more safely, for you and the people around you. Remember to wear gloves and face masks all the time when you are working in risky environments where bloodborne pathogens can lurk.

What Does This Entail?

The major part of hygiene is preventing cross-contamination in medical facility cleaning. To do this, dusting must be done both high and low, walls and doors must be cleaned daily and disinfected, chairs should also be vacuumed not forgetting the floor underneath desks. The high-risk areas where the dreaded blood-borne pathogens are most likely to be like the exam rooms and operating rooms, these areas need thorough and I repeat, serious cleaning. They should be handled with the most stringent attention.

Cleaning the Front Office and the Doctor’s Personal Office

These are often overlooked spaces as it is assumed that doctors wear gloves and facemasks and they wash their hands.  But don’t forget that germs are sometimes airborne and may rub over their clothes. Germ overlap between office surfaces such as cabinet drawers and desk phones and sick users or patients is entirely possible and even likely. Therefore, the office areas should receive the same level of seriousness as all other parts in the facility and any precaution that can be taken should be.


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