Elevators are quite common nowadays, especially in tall and modern buildings. With so many people using it every day, it becomes a hotspot for germs, and it is important to ensure that cleaned on a regular basis, particularly the elevator buttons. Here are a few ways to keep the elevator clean and germ-free:


Clean the rails – this is one of the most overlooked areas in any elevator. People pay attention to all the other areas and completely ignore the rails, even though they can also accumulate a lot of dust over time. With so many people handling the rails on a daily basis, you have to ensure that they are cleaned together with the rest of the elevator.

Clean the pit – there is also the pit that most people actually don’t know exists, but it’s there. In fact, any dirt that people throw in the gap between the elevator and the platform usually ends up there. And over time, it accumulates, making it the dirtiest part of the elevator. Also, given that the pit is a vital part of the elevator, it should only be cleaned by professionals.

Focus on the floors, walls and mirrors – these are the most visible parts of an elevator, and they must always be cleaned. Since the walls are made of stainless steel, it is important that you pay attention when cleaning to avoid scratching or blemishing them. As for the mirrors, you just need to wipe them. The floor also needs attention, so, vacuuming it periodically will do the trick. If it’s not carpeted, then mopping and wiping should be enough to get the job done.

Disinfect the buttons – elevator buttons are where you will find the most germs, with people pushing them each and every day. So, sanitizing and disinfecting the buttons is critically important, otherwise, the germs will spread throughout the office. Sanitize them when no one is in the office, and leave them to dry and for the chemicals to work.

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