We all admire to have a neat and shining room that smells good, right? But keeping your house clean with kids and pets is a very complicated and hard task to deal with. Even if you try organizing things, you cannot prevent ‘accidents’. Burbank Home Cleaning have recommended a number of things on how to handle such homes;

Put things away after use- with kids in the house, it’s normal to have messes, and when everything is scattered all over the house, rearranging can be very tiring. So, you have to develop a habit of placing things where they are supposed to be. For example, instead of placing a dirty plate on the table put it in the sink. If you find dirty clothes on the floor, put them to hamper. By doing this, you will save yourself a lot of time and energy.

Follow a cleaning routine- Having kids and pets in the house, you tend to have multiple chores at once. Instead of wondering how to do them, set a list of activities starting with the most crucial task. By doing this, you will always have a plan.

Use a timer- If you want to keep time during your cleaning, you should use a timer or a stopwatch. This will help you do your work constantly without any disturbance. When you set your time on a stopwatch, you will continue cleaning until it stops: this will help you get a habit of cleaning very fast.

Clean up “Accidents” Quickly- Cleaning the mess immediately the pets or the kids have done it, saves time and energy. Messes made by pets might make the place so uncomfortable. If the mess is done on the carpet, use vinegar, water solution, and paper towel then baking soda to get rid of the smell.

Assign responsibilities to every member of the house- By doing this it will help balance the house chores. When people are also working around you it also motivates you to continue working. You assign chores according to age; this can play a big role by helping your kids to be responsible and also boost their self-esteem. You start but showing them how to make their bed and cleaning their toys. So when they’re old enough, you know to ask them to clean the parrot’s cage, help the dog bath, etc.