The average employee spends a majority of the time of his or her life in the workplace, from morning to evening, 5 days a week. This is a fact! Now, having said that, keeping the office clean at all times is of vital importance. Even though cleaning the workplace is simple, there are a number of dos and don’ts for the employees that need to be laid down if a high level of cleanliness is to be maintained. Here are the top tips according to Sherman Oaks Office Cleaning:

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Wiping office desks

Keeping the desks organized – you need to sort out all the papers and documents on the desk and maintain the desk clutter-free. To do that:

Do – come up with a system of folders where you can put all the necessary documents, and sort them based on priority. And also set up a wastebasket to throw all the unnecessary papers.

Don’t – pile up files haphazardly on your desk, as it reduces the working space and also makes the office look untidy.

Food can lead to stains or orders – even though you can’t stop the employees from eating, you can set a few rules about food in the office so as to maintain cleanliness in the office. So:

Do – find designated areas to your lunch from, and avoid eating while on your desk. This is because you will end up staining everything.

Don’t – eat at your desk, ever! Reason being, other than messing the entire desk, you will also make your fellow employees very uncomfortable, due to the smell.

Cleaning all devices regularly – all the electronics in the office needs to be dusted at all times, otherwise, they will start failing, one by one. Dust ruins electronics, and when allowed to remain for long, it spells doom for office devices. So:

Do – it is recommended that you clean your electronics at least once a week to make sure that they are functioning as they should.

Don’t – as we mentioned before, refrain from eating on your desk, as you might spill food and drinks onto the electronics, especially keyboards. Also, never leave your electronics running even when you are not using them. Be sure to shut them down.

A sure way to maintain a healthy and clean work environment is by hiring our Sherman Oaks Office Cleaning team to maintain cleanliness throughout the office. Get in touch with us today.