Let’s say you’ve hired a cleaning service to clean your office for you, and it’s your first time. Normally, you wouldn’t know what to do, or what to expect. Sometimes you might even think that you need to tidy up the place before they arrive, or at least any other task. What should you do – you wonder? Well, here is Encino Office Cleaning Company’s advice:


Check the service agreement – when you hire a cleaning service, they will sign a service agreement that details what will be expected of them on the job. Now, you need to go through this document thoroughly to make sure that everything has been covered. Make sure that nothing relating to the cleaning job has been left out.

Keep all the important files and personal belongings safe – obviously, the cleaning team won’t know what’s important to you and what’s not. So, when cleaning, they might mix up everything or even throw away some important files. So, make sure that that everything you consider crucial is gotten in the way and it’s kept safely, somewhere.

Inform the employees – when you hire a cleaning service, to avoid any problems, and obstructions in the workplace, it’s better you inform your employees. This way, the cleaning team will carry out their job smoothly and efficiently, and your employees would be inconvenienced in any way.

Let them know about the important office norms – maybe there are a set of rules in your office that you would like the cleaners to know, it’s your responsibility to let them know, to avoid any misunderstanding down the road. You see, any cleaning service visiting your office for the first time won’t be privy to these norms, and if they were to break any of them, it would be your fault if you didn’t let them know the existence of such norms in the first place. Rules must be followed by everybody, but you must be aware of the rules first.

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