Are you planning to visit your cottage this summer? Well, if yes, do you know how you can make the most out of this trip? Cleaning! See, even before you fire up the barbecue, ensure that the place you are living in is clean and hygienic, and doesn’t trigger any form of disease or allergies. Having said that, ensure that you focus on the following areas first;

Clean cottage air – let’s be honest, the reason why you are moving away from the city is so that you can make the most of the wide-open spaces and fresh air. So, the first thing you should do is to let air into the cottage by opening the windows, especially if the cottage was closed for long, and let air circulate. It’s most likely that the rooms are stuffy and the biggest mistake you can make is to use an air freshener at this point. The reason being, the fragrances does contain phthalates that are harmful to human health.

Dusting surfaces and furniture – when you move into a new place that hasn’t been inhabited for quite a long time, it is almost certain that there will be dust everywhere. With that knowledge, when you move to your cottage, you will need to dust the surfaces as well as the furniture, without missing a single spot. If need be, wipe surfaces with a damp piece of cloth so as to ensure that the entire cottage is safe for habitation.

Washing the cottage windows – when you are relaxing in the cottage, one of the things that you would want is to have a clear view of the outside, right? Well, then you will need to clean the windows, you know. In doing so, we recommend that you use a natural glass cleaner, which not only guarantees a minimum amount of synthetic chemicals that affect your health but also protects the environment.

Cleaning your cottages can’t be easy, as it involves so much work. And that’s why Tarzana Home Cleaning is here to help you out. Give us a call and let’s get your cottage up and running.