Are you a master baker but a novice when it comes to cleaning? If yes, then this article is mostly for you. For starters, ovens are notoriously tough to clean due to the kind of mess they create. Since soils in the oven are often baked onto the surface, they are really tough to lift. Also, ingredients that are left behind are ingrained on the surfaces and are tough to remove. I mean, in the end, you will be left with caramelized sugar, charred food, or thick grease coating, all of which, obviously, is difficult to clean. So, guess what will happen if you fail to clean? All that mess will be encrusted into the oven. And the only way you will be able to clean it is when you use cleaning products such as the AspenClean’s superscrub scouring powder. It is quite effective when it comes to cleaning the oven as it contains chemicals that help with the scrubbing as well as cutting through grease and oil. But how can you clean your oven using such a cleaning product? Well, that’s what this article will answer;

What you need

  • Superscrub scouring powder
  • Natural dish soap
  • Glass cleaner
  • Cloth scrubber
  • Natural kitchen cleaning spray

Steps for cleaning your oven using the scouring powder

Soak oven racks – remove the racks. Then fill a sink with warm water and dish soap and dip the racks and allow them to soak while you continue cleaning the oven.

Wipe the top and sides

  • Use the kitchen cleaner spray to spray the top, back, and sides of the oven
  • Then sprinkle the scouring powder on to a cleaning cloth and starts scrubbing the oven’s top.
  • Do the same for the back as well as the sides
  • Use a clean cloth to wipe the services

Check for grease

  • Using your hands, check whether the surfaces are still greasy

Clean the bottom and inside of the oven’s door

  • Take the kitchen spray and use it to spray the bottom and inside of the door, and then sprinkle with the scouring powder
  • Wipe it clean
  • Check to see if there is any grease left and if there is, repeat the process until the grease is gone.

Clean burnt-in mess

  • Create a paste by mixing the kitchen spray with some scouring powder in a bowl.
  • Then apply a significant amount of paste to the burnt-in areas and leave it for the solution to work
  • While you wait, you can start scrubbing the racks and set them aside to dry
  • Use the scrubber to work the paste into the soil until the surface feels squeaky clean

Lastly, wipe the oven handle as well as the glass window both on the inside as well as outside using a glass cleaner.

Just like that, you will end up with a super clean oven. Now if you don’t have time to do all this, why not call our Santa Monica Home Cleaning team? We have cleaned ovens for decades, and so we will know exactly how to handle the job.