If you are looking for a skilled and experienced Hollywood office cleaning company then why not check out Maidserve. They’ve been leading the industry with a history spanning over twenty years, and offer the finest service available with skilled staff, and the best customer service.

One of the main differences between a company with the level of expertise and experience of Maidserve, and a younger company is that Maidserve have had the time and practice to develop a process which works for them, and which works for their client. Here we’d like to cover the 3 step Maidserve cleaning process so that you can know what to expect when working with Maidserve.

Step one – the first step for Maidserve in their procedure for delivering the highest standards to all of their customers is to provide each and every one of their teams out and about on a daily basis with the finest equipment and supplies, fit to tackle any job that might crop up. One of the most common complaints made against a cleaning firm is being unprepared for the task at hand. It’s all well and good to turn up with normal cleaning supplies, but the day that a cleaning emergency arises, is the day that you need to be prepared. This is why all of Maidserve’s teams are always fully equiped.

Step two – the second step is an extra deep and thorough cleaning method. All of the cleaners on Maidserve’s staff are fully trained in the latest cleaning methods, and as mentioned with all of the greatest tools at their disposal to leave your workplace noticeably cleaner.

Step three – the final step is providing the highest quality of customer service available. All of their staff are trained in a 5 point program to develop the skills they need to provide face to face customer service that rivals the best.