Whether we like it or not, cleaning is an integral part of any business and it’s day to day activities. For this reason it couldn’t be more important to ensure that the service that you’re paying for is the best service available. Maidserve have been in the industry for over 2 decades, and offer the finest Encino office cleaning services that money can buy, and for really great value.

You aren’t only looking out for the service which can clean the most immaculately though, the cleaners and staff who work for the company that you choose to employ to carry out the task of keeping your workspace clean and tidy will also be sharing your work space with you and your employees. Although with this said do bear in mind that Maidserve will always set their time around you to ensure that their work never disturbs yours.

Nonetheless it is important that the customer service you receive is great, and that is and has always been a number one priority for Maidserve.  

From your first point of contact they work to make your experience of dealing with them as a company as pleasant and amicable as possible, so that every time you deal with them it’s a pleasure. If you call for a quote you’ll be individually assessed for a unique service tailored to meet your needs, all free of charge.

Once your schedule or trial is put in place, Maidserve put every measure into place to guarantee that you are absolutely satisfied with you service. All staff are fully trained to deal with customer service matters, and will always greet you with a friendly smile and an ear to listen should you need them.

Finally every last little detail like ensuring that punctuality is 100% is absolutely guaranteed by Maidserve as standard so that you never need to interrupt your working day.