Since keeping a clean office is daily work, it’s only normal that you expect it to be done right. Hollywood office cleaning teams might be abundant, but finding highly trained teams can be difficult. Maidserve work throughout LA providing only the highest quality cleaning available, at fantastic value. By looking at what Maidserve do to stand out we can get a clearer picture of what hiring a highly trained cleaning company can mean for your business.

To find out exactly what the benefits are of employing highly trained cleaners, we need to know what it is exactly that they are trained in. Well Maidserve dedicate plenty of attention to ensuring that each and every one of their employees is fully trained not just as a cleaner, but as an all round member of staff capable of providing the highest level of service and customer care, as well as being fully trained to implement Maidserve’s 3 step cleaning process.

The first step of this process involves ensuring that their staff are trained to use the best equipment available, as well as equipping them with, and training them to use the most appropriate supplies available. There are many potential benefits here to a potential customer. Besides the fact that all staff are fully trained to know how to handle any cleaning situation, allowing you to leave the responsibility with them, they can also help to avert potential problems thanks to their top level training.

They are also trained to give the deepest most thorough clean possible. This will leave the place dazzling behind them, keeping your office noticeably cleaner, for longer.  

Finally all staff are also trained to deal with you as a customer, at any time. Whether you call over the phone or speak directly to cleaning staff when present, all have been through the Maidserve 5 step customer service training program to offer direct and immediate assistance whenever you’re in need.