If from the past, you’ve been dealing with a disorganized work desk, it’s now time for you to junk this messy habit for both your sake and the business’. Recent research indicates that an untidy work environment lowers productivity. Additionally, another research showed that employees who keep their work station cluttered are perceived as neurotic by their peers. So, based on these studies, we can say that there is more to cleaning offices other than creating a good first impression. By hiring a professional cleaning service to maintain your office as pristine as possible, you will, in turn, boost the productivity of your workforce, and also create room for interactions that fosters collaboration and creativity within your workforce.

An untidy workplace undermines productivity – a disorganized desk makes people less efficient, less persistent, wearier and more frustrated when compared to those who maintain their desks clean and neat. In addition, employees are more inclined to procrastinate and feel even more stressed when in an untidy workspace. The reason being, the clutter in the room leads to the employee feeling more overwhelmed, where they then start focusing on too many things at a go, heightening their stress levels in the process.

An untidy desk may mar the reputation of the employee – may be the reason why you keep a disorganized desk is not because you don’t want to organize it, but because you lack the time to do it. And in as much your reasons may be valid, your colleagues may see it as a reflection of undesirable traits. They may perceive you to be an uncaring, neurotic and less agreeable individual. But when you maintain your desk and work environment clean, you will be able to focus more on your work. And as people feel better when in a clean home, an organized work environment boosts morale, increases satisfaction levels, and ultimately, productivity among the employees.

Now, as a business owner, in order to ensure that you maximize your team’s productivity, ensure that their work environment is kept clean at all times. So, hire a professional cleaning company to keep your office as clutter-free as possible.