Cleanliness is the way to prosperity. A clean home and office is a blessing. Cleaning of an office or home consists of many tasks. Cleaning is a pain in the neck for many and postponing cleaning is a terrible idea. It needs to be done regularly else it becomes even harder. Due to all these scenarios, professional cleaning services industry is blooming very fast. You can hire a cleaning service for one and all cleaning requirements. Professional cleaning services are of various types including:


Commercial cleaning involves cleaning business premises, buildings and offices. This service is usually conducted at during the weekends, or at night or after official working hours. It consists of regular housekeeping duties in the office premises.

Almost all big companies have kitchens and even showers in it, so the cleaning companies combine both commercial cleaning and residential cleaning, to offer a full package service. The commercial cleaning services are scheduled according to the preference of the company so that the cleaning process shouldn’t interfere with the working process. For the cleaning of an office building, the landlord is the in-charge and he can then select the cleaning services that he wants and draft a contract that will be equal to all the businesses that are in the building.

Even a particular business can also hire its own commercial cleaning service. Different companies can be hired for cleaning window panels of high-end business buildings. This process is quite tedious and can’t be done on a very early basis. It requires professionally trained cleaners with specialized equipment for cleaning.


Residential cleaning mostly involves usual household chores that are carried out in a home including clearance, tidying up and spot treating.

Residential cleaning services may also include bathroom sanitation, kitchen, toilet, cleaning up the living room and bedrooms, removing rubbish, dusting, mopping and vacuuming.


Professional carpet cleaning services includes the cleaning, treatment, deodorization and sanitation of carpets in commercial and residential buildings. Professionals have the required experience, the right machines and products that are needed for the service.


It is the best method for cleaning upholstery furniture and filthy carpets. It leaves your carpet and furniture looking brand new. Only experts can use the machines used in steam cleaning can only be used by experts who know how to treat the specific areas.

These are the common types of cleaning services you can avail from a professional cleaning services provider company.