No matter the office or home, keeping your surroundings clean is very important. You can even hire professional janitorial services to keep your employees healthy and happy with a regular office cleaning routine. A clean and organized office improves productivity and reduces sick days. A messy office cannot look professional, distracts employees and decreases motivation.

Along with deep cleaning by professionals, a regular cleaning routine should also be followed and following checklist can give your office a professional appearance, cut down on sick days, and encourage a healthy working environment too.


  • Clean the clutter and use zip ties to keep cords coiled and organized.
  • There should be no dust on common. Compressed air can be used to remove dust from hard-to-reach places like your keyboard crevices, light fixtures and fan blades.
  • Clean all the glass areas with glass cleaner including your computer screens.
  • Don’t let the cobwebs sit on the corners of walls.
  • Vacuum and sweep all the common areas daily to keep them germ free and clean ensuring you get into all corners and under desks.


  • Put all the crockery items in cupboard and Keep them clean and dry.
  • Vacuum all floors including area under the door mat.
  • Wipe all desks to ensure tidy desk space for staff.
  • Empty bins and replace bin bags regularly.
  • Wipe clean and disinfect door handles at least weekly.


  • Wash and disinfect floors and do not forget the back doors too.
  • Scour and clean taps, toilet bowls and sinks with recommended cleaners.
  • Sanitize toilet seats, cisterns and exterior of toilet bowl with good sanitizers.
  • Refill toilet roll place immediately when finished.
  • Wipe clean any mirrors.
  • Refill hand wash and washing up liquid as required.


  • Keep both exterior and interior of microwave oven, clean.
  • Wash up and clear sink and draining board after every wash.
  • Refill kitchen towels, hand wash and washing up liquid as required.
  • Empty garbage cans and replace garbage bags regularly.
  • Wipe exterior of kitchen appliances including kettle, toaster, and heat plate.
  • Vacuum and mop floors

This is a detailed office cleaning checklist that the best professional companies use for cleaning your business laces. This checklist ensures that your office space is cleaned thoroughly and without leaving any trace of filth and unhygienic conditions behind.