Most of the activities done in the house, the highest percentage are done in the kitchen. This is a room where everyone meets to prepare a meal or take a meal, which means that it needs to be cleaned daily. It is true to say that cleaning the kitchen is a very easy routine to follow but organizing it is more difficult. Having a poorly organized kitchen can bring frustrations and disappointments. But immediately you clean and organize your kitchen, you will feel the benefit of it. But if you live with your roommates, it might be difficult to organize your kitchen so one tool that acts as a lifesaver is a portable labeler which will be indicating what exactly is in the containers. So, here are a few tricks from Santa Monica Home Cleaning on how to organize your kitchen;


Not unless you are a family of ten or you are a chef, purchasing bulky spices isn’t recommended as they tend to lose their flavor in a just couple of months. So let us do this. Start by removing all spice bags and containers out of the spice drawer or cabinet. Get a marker for labeling. Know that the spices will be stored in each jar. Use a funnel to pour the spice in the container. If you chose to mark on the glass, give the ink time to dry up before you start handling the jar.

After labeling the jars, wipe the spice drawer or the cabinet and once the containers are labeled and filled, you can put them back. At least it can be a proper spice rack. After organizing the spices, this will help you cook more and even discover new flavors.

Pots and pans

There is always a way of fixing your kitchen from being a nightmare. You don’t have to wake your kids when you are trying to take the pan from the cupboard. One thing is that you need to separate the lids from the pans to create more space. Second, you need to purchase a metal bar and a raised shelf for each cabinet.  The metal bar will be used as the lid hanger while the raised shelf will help you to double the space in the cabinet. After that, get rid of the dust from installing the bards and freshen them up. Organizing will always take the first position in a healthy home.

Plastic containers

In average homes, you will find containers of every color, make, and shape. Start by sorting out the dishes. The one that matches its lid keeps it but the one that does not match its lid goes in the recycling. Based on the size of the dishes, make piles. And you can now put everything in the drawer or in the cabinet.

If you are unable or don’t have time to do all these, you can contract Santa Monica Home Cleaning, and we will be more than happy to organize your kitchen for you.