Your office is a direct reflection of your company. A tidy workspace will not only make you feel comfortable and increase productivity but also make your clients and customers feel welcomed. Cleaning the office can be time-consuming and you are bound to commit some mistakes that could stretch out the entire process. To get your office cleaned quickly and in an optimized manner, which helps you steer clear of all these mistakes, contact Encino Office Cleaning. For you to see we know what we are talking about, we have compiled a list of common mistakes that most people make when cleaning their offices – ones that you should avoid at all costs;

Using the wrong material – whether it is your desk or the office floor you are cleaning, using the wrong material, equipment, or cleaning agents can actually do more harm than good. For instance, utilizing a newspaper to wipe your windowpane will result in the ink staining the glass, making it look dirtier.

Dusting with a dry cloth – using a dry piece of cloth to dust surfaces is the other mistake that you should steer clear from. The reason being, the most surfaces you wipe, the more dirt or lint you will be leaving behind. So, always use a wet cloth, and after using it a few times, dampen it.

Use of abrasive material – when cleaning surfaces like your desk, glass doors, or windowpanes, you need to stay away from abrasive materials, as they tend to leave behind scratches and marks, which dulls the surfaces.

Use of low-quality vacuum filters – a vacuum filter collects all the microscopic particles from the surface, ensuring that it’s sparkling clean. This makes the filter the most crucial part of a vacuum cleaner. The problems come in when you use a low-quality filter, as it would directly affect the ability of the vacuum cleaner to clean effectively, and could go as far as to damage the cleaner.

Starting your cleaning in the wrong spot – starting at the wrong spot when cleaning is one of the most common mistakes in office cleaning, especially if the ones doing the job aren’t experienced enough for the job. Now, the problem with this is that you will find yourself backtracking and redoing some of the steps again. So, when cleaning, declutter the room first, then start cleaning from the roof, working your way down to the floor.

The best way to avoid these mistakes is by hiring professionals who know what they are doing when cleaning your office. Encino Office Cleaning has been doing this for decades, so you can give us a call and I guarantee you will be proud of the outcome.