Maintaining hygiene with pets at home is a very exhausting task. Even if you try bathing them regularly you still find them messing up the house. You may lack time to clean this messes, given your hectic schedules, which is why it’s always advisable to always invite the professionals to clean thoroughly. But the thing is, most of the time pet pet-parents have a challenge getting pet-friendly services that are affordable and efficient at the same time. How can you be sure that the pets will be safe with the service? What do you look for in such companies? These questions are answered below;

How to find a cleaning service- These days, social media has taken the world of business and marketing by storm. Meaning that, to get a cleaning service you can visit several websites or Facebook as now various companies have active accounts which make them available easily. You get a list of some of the ones you have liked and then try to gather as much information about them as possible, until you find the one that would meet your needs the best.

Tools and machines used- Make sure that they have the right machines and tools. Pet dander is the biggest household challenge. It gets into the carpet and settles there, making it super difficult to clean even with a vacuum cleaner. Using a vacuum system with High-Efficiency Particular Air (HEPA) cleans the carpet thoroughly and gets reach of the dander in the carpet. It not only removes the dander out of the environment but also removes it all.

Be sure to check that they use biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning solutions because in most cases they are safe for pets.

What to look for in an efficient cleaning service? – If they are using some dangerous chemicals which are harmful to your pets, they tell you to remove the pets for the day. During the service make sure that they don’t use harmful substances that might affect your pet. Make sure that they use substances that are not toxic because they are poisonous to the animal. The following contents should be avoided;

  • Ammonia
  • Phthalates
  • Bleach
  • Formaldehyde used in household cleaners
  • Phenols
  • Perchloroethylene used in carpets

Now, Hollywood Home Cleaning service is exactly what you need. Not only are we a pet-friendly cleaning service, but we also prioritize the safety of your pets in every task that we undertake.