A child’s immune system is weaker and less mature compared to that of an adult. This makes children more susceptible to viruses and colds. The unfortunate thing is that kids are quite messy, so to say. I mean, they run towards germs not from it, which can be alarming sometimes. So, you can just imagine how a school – which is where kids come together – tends to become.

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What are the risks?

On average, an adult contracts cold 2 or 3 times a year, but for a child, he or she can contract cold 6 to 8 times a year, which typically happens between the month of September and March. Also, most children are more likely to get infected while in school, and it can really affect learning, as absences tend to increase. That’s not all, apart from physical sickness, the mental development of the kid is also greatly impacted.

The passing of illnesses and germs among children not only occurs through physical contact, but it can also happen through contaminated sources or through the air, sneezing, and coughing. And when situations become too unsanitary, or no sanitization occurs in these areas, irritants and allergens tend to build up, which in turn results in potentially dangerous health concerns for the kids.

Places to focus on

In a school, high traffic areas such as the bathrooms and toilets are some of the top areas where a massive build-up of germs and allergens. Other areas include water fountains, sink faucets, cafeteria trays and plates, and also keyboards. Proper sanitization needs to be carried out regularly.

What can be done?

For starters, we would recommend that the faculty promotes cleanliness and good hygiene by availing sanitizers to the children, and by also encouraging or enforcing proper practices such as regular hand washing. What’s more, the school should be deep cleaned and sanitized regularly throughout the year. One more thing, keeping the children safe doesn’t fall on the school alone, as parents also have a role to play. In the event that a kid falls ill, of course, he or she will have to recover at home. So, it will also be upon the parents to teach their children proper germ etiquette such as coughing and sneezing away from others, which in turn reduces the spreading of germs while in school.

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