Let’s face it, the ceiling is the last area you would think of cleaning, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t clean it. In fact, it’s an equally important area to clean. Of course, floors get mopped regularly, toilets are scrubbed, walls are wiped down, and windows get washed, but let me ask you this, have you ever thought of cleaning your ceiling?

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See, just like anywhere else, the ceiling isn’t immune to dust, dirt, and other debris, which means that when cleaning all the other places, you need to clean it too. There are a few solutions for getting the job done, but first, let’s look at some of the challenges when it comes to cleaning your ceiling;

Cleaning ceilings challenges

Both commercial and residential ceilings do present their own set of challenges, especially when it comes to cleaning grime. For residential ceilings, you may have a flat finish throughout the home, or if your home is a bit old, a rougher popcorn finish. Also, the size of the ceiling plus other ceiling details do act as variables as well. But when it comes to dirt collection, ornate features such as wood beams, crown molding, and tray ceilings do create a lot of surfaces for dirt to thrive, making the cleaning job even more complex. As for commercial ceilings, they completely differ in terms of style as it has more exposed features which makes it even more complex to clean.

What can you do about your ceiling?

The fact that your ceiling is out of reach and that you normally don’t clean it makes it the perfect place for crud to compile. You start to find dust accumulating, cobwebs forming, and even insects beginning to occupy that space and over time, stains will start to appear, making it ugly to even look. So, the next time you are cleaning, you have to do something about the ceiling. Cleaning the ceiling will certainly ease your breathing, and can also serve as an important reminder to maintain the overall functionality of the space. You can start off by swapping out any dead light bulbs, then clear any obstructions from the funs/registers, remove debris from the nooks, crannies, and crevices, and then wipe the surfaces down, treating the stains and also getting rid of any bugs, leaving you with an overall healthier environment. Remember that stains on the ceiling may be indicative of larger underlying problems such as leaks, which is why you may want to involve a professional to come to look at it.

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