When you think about Los Angeles office cleaning, you probably imagine somebody emptying the trash late at night. What people may not realize is that janitors are one of the primary culprits in cases of stolen identity. Janitors have the ability to access almost every area of most buildings that they clean. Office cleaning in Los Angeles is no different, being home to many large businesses. Office cleaners can get a hold of a variety of information contained in businesses that are otherwise secure, from trade secrets to phone numbers, as well as social security numbers and dates of birth.

This is why it is important to perform thorough background checks on all employees that are hired, even office cleaners. Background checks can help ensure that you do not hire people that have a criminal background or are undocumented immigrants. The majority of the culprits of identity theft are people that have some type of criminal background.

Identity theft is a widespread problem across the country, not just with office cleaning in Los Angeles. In 2008 there were over 10 million people that were the victims of identity theft. This was a 22% increase over the previous year. The process of recovering from the damage inflicted as the result of identity theft can take a person anywhere from 4 months to 12 months. It can also permanently damage some people credit scores. The costs of identity theft are large, with the average victim losing between $850 and $1378. This average loss combined for a total loss of $31 billion dollars in 2008.

Even though it can be difficult to thoroughly check the background of specific office cleaning workers in Los Angeles, the company that hires them can be investigated. Perform a search of the Los Angeles office cleaning company that you wish to use and look for any previous customer reviews. Then conduct a search to see if that company has ever hired illegal immigrants.

Fortunately, there are many office cleaners in Los Angeles that openly perform background checks on all of the employees they hire — MaidServe.com is one of them. We only hire people we can trust, so that you can trust them, too.