It is important to present your business and its offices in their best light so that clients and other visitors get a favorable impression. A clean office that is tidy and fresh is a great way to create a positive beginning to any meeting or customer interaction. Beverly Hills office cleaning services can ensure that your office is always looking its best.

We understand that it is inconvenient to have people trying to clean when you and your staff are trying to work. Our standard pricing includes our teams work outside of normal office hours. This means no disruptions to your busy work schedules as well as allowing our times to get the job done in the least amount of time saving you money.

When you use Beverly Hills office cleaning services you are not only ensuring that your office is clean and tidy but also that it is also a healthy work environment. We clean all the surfaces, doorknobs, trash receptacles, break areas and washrooms to ensure that they are germ and contaminate free. This helps stop the transmission of common colds, the flu and gastrointestinal bugs that can be transmitted easily in a closed office environment.

We can supply teams that are suitable for any sized job from the smallest office to multi floored contact centers. The rates for our Beverly Hills office cleaning service can be charged in hourly increments starting from $30 per hour per person or we can negotiate a service contract. We are happy to meet any special needs you may have and all of our quotations include all cleaning supplies and equipment that are needed.

If you are considering using an office cleaning service then please contact us so we can provide you with a detailed quote. We can provide our services to you on any needed schedule, daily, weekly or monthly. Beverly Hills office cleaning services also specialize in one off cleaning that may be needed prior to beginning or ending a lease or as the result of an outside event such as a break in or an emergency. Please contact us for pricing and availability.