Let’s face it, kids are messy! I mean, this is a universal truth. Everything they touch, everywhere they go, they leave messes, which is why you will always find yourself spending a better part of your day cleaning. But there are two things that you should pay extra attention to when cleaning baby clothes and gear. The reason being, they are pretty critical and if not properly cleaned, can easily trigger illnesses to the kid. So, here is how you need to clean baby apparel and gear;

Getting rid of the stains

Part of being a parent is cleaning the stains from spills, spit-ups, or drops. And since the staining happens every day, it’s not surprising to see the parent doing laundry every week. So, here is how you should wash the baby clothes;

Use a gentle and effective detergent – due to the sensitivity of your baby’s skin, you need to find the proper detergent, otherwise, you might give your precious baby skin rashes and breakout. The key here is to find hypoallergenic detergent, which is the best in cleaning baby clothes. If you are cleaning tougher stains, you can use a tougher detergent, but ensure that you rinse the clothes using a soft detergent

Give the stains the individual treatment – as not all stains are equal – some are tougher while others are just craft supplies – you should treat them for what they really are.

Clean everything before use – baby clothes at times come into contact with particles, odors, and chemicals that could be dangerous to the baby. So it is important to ensure that you clean everything before using it on the kid.

On-the-go: cleaning high chairs, car seats, and strollers

These are the other items that are likely to be inundated with all kinds of gross things, which means they get stained a lot. And since they are made of a mix of materials, which includes plastic, metal, and fabric, cleaning them can be a lot of work.

When cleaning the cloth part of the strollers or car seats, you just need to do an occasional sweep so as to remove any surface stains or crumbs. After that, use a cloth that is dampened in an all-purpose non-toxic cleaner. Or better yet, use a baby-safe detergent to gently clean it. For the metal part, just use a cloth to wipe it.

As you have seen, cleaning baby clothes and gear isn’t a joke. The best way to ensure that they are cleaned thoroughly, entrust Glendale Home Cleaning with the task. We know what needs to be done, and we have the expertise and experience required. We want nothing short of absolute safety for you ‘bundle of joy.’