Most households today have carpets on their floors. And the joys of carpeting are many: It’s undeniably the softest, most comfortable type of flooring.  It helps insulate rooms from temperature swings especially if you live in a cold zone. But these carpets can be hazardous to you and your family.


The biggest problem with a carpet is that it soaks up fluid faster than you can blot it dry. That means that spilled food or drinks tend to wick deep down into the carpet fibers and pad, they become a breeding ground for various types of mold. These molds lead to stains and odor, but mold spores are another common cause of indoor allergies

Skin Flakes

Scientifically, a human sheds 1.5 million skin flakes each day. These flakes drop from our bodies and mostly get to the carpets where they wedge between carpet fibers. While that’s disgusting, those flakes become food for dust mites, and dust mite waste is one of the most common causes of indoor allergies. It’s a food chain.


During the spring season, most plants are pollinating and it gets to your carpets. The wind blows pollen and dust to your house and it enters your home through open windows and doors as well as on your clothing. Pollen can be dangerous as it is a common cause of hay fever and asthma flare-ups.


It is said by scientists that carpets hold more germs than your toilet seat at home. While most of these germs are harmless, others can cause digestive upset, skin infections, respiratory illness, or allergic reactions.


Vacuum your carpet at least weekly to remove bugs. Try your best to keep your carpet dry, because dust mites are most comfortable when the humidity is high. It is important to take your shoes off at your front door and change into a pair of indoor-only slippers or house shoes to avoid bringing in germs from outside.

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