Even with a regular cleaning routine, there are spots that tend to get overlooked. This is the reason deep cleaning exists. But let’s ask ourselves, what is a deep cleaning, exactly? In simple terms, deep cleaning stands for a more comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting regime than what a typical cleaning job entails. It involves sanitizing even the deepest spots that tend to build up dirt over time. That being said, there are a number of reasons why you need deep cleaning in your office. One is the fact that the build-up of dust in certain areas in the office could trigger allergies and illnesses, which may costs your business a fortune. The other reason is to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the office by disinfecting each and every area in that office, especially the most overlooked areas, such as;

The kitchen – from the microwaves to the coffee pots, I think we can all agree that a kitchen is a place that can harbor so much dirt and bacteria if not cleaned properly. The typical cleaning process will do nothing in terms of cleaning. Deep cleaning will ensure that the entire kitchen is disinfected – from the dishes, fridge handles, cupboards, shelves, cupboards, drawers, microwaves, toasters, and so on. These are the items mostly used by the employees and they harbor a lot of bacteria but they get overlooked a lot when cleaning the kitchen.

Walls and floors – let’s be honest, fabrics are like dust magnets, and in order for you to remove all the dust and other allergy-triggering mites off the fabrics, you will need to hire a professional cleaning service to do a deep clean. Doing this ensures that you reduce the chances of asthma attacks and also ensures that the air is smelling fresh. The typical cleaning we are used to doesn’t actually get the job done, but a deep clean will mean that you moved all the furniture, to reach even the areas that you wouldn’t normally clean. The walls get discolored and stained, and that means you will clean them as well.

Bathroom – The bathroom, especially one visited by many people, should always be kept clean. Without professional cleaners, it is very easy for these places tends to become smelly and unsightly. But with a deep clean, each and every item and space in the bathroom – including the toilet base, bowl, garbage space, urinals, and sinks – is thoroughly cleaned. This leaves the bathroom super clean and smelling as fresh as ever.

Looking for a deep clean in your office, contact our Burbank Office Cleaning team. We have the training and the proper tools to conduct a true deep clean in your office, leaving your workspace clean and super healthy for your team.