When business owners think of an office cleaning, they don’t always realize just how many areas of an office need to be cleaned.  A professional Encino office cleaning isn’t just about dusting off the file cabinets and cleaning up the bathroom and break areas, it should also include regular vacuuming and deep down carpet cleaning on a regular basis.  Without it, you could be putting your customers and your employees at risk and you’ll risk wearing out your carpets long before they should be worn out.

Having dirty carpets doesn’t just look unprofessional, but it can harbor all sorts of dangerous germs and dust particles that you can’t even see.  When you regularly skip out on professional carpet cleaning, you are putting your carpet at risk for developing dangerous molds and fungus that are impossible get rid of.  Not only that, but carpets are notorious for harboring dangerous bacteria that can lead to all types of disease.  When left unchecked, carpets can also become infested with bugs and dust mites, leading to a very icky situation!

Are you noticing that your employees seem to be coughing more and are suffering from red, itchy eyes?  Your dirty carpets may be to blame.   Many business owners try to go the fast route and simply vacuum their carpets every night to pick up dust.  The truth is, however, that most standard vacuum cleaners simply aren’t designed to deep clean carpets.  To get carpets really clean, you need an office cleaning team that has the equipment and the know-how to do the job right.  It’s a small price to pay for keeping your employees and customers happy, and it’s the best way to keep your carpets looking great.

Taking care of your carpets will definitely extend the life you get out of them, so don’t forget this important step and ask your cleaning company abut professional carpet cleaning.  It’s well worth the cost of adding it your regular office cleaning plan, and will help keep your business environment clean and healthy.