When it comes to office cleaning in Van Nuys, there’s nothing more important than ensuring your restrooms are properly cleaned and sanitized.  Not only is a clean restroom good for health, but it also plays a big part in how your visitors view your business.  A messy restroom is never forgotten, and no matter how good your sales pitch is, it could end up being one of the biggest things that your potential clients will remember.

The experts in office cleaning recommend taking a two-step approach to keeping office restrooms clean, which includes first completely cleaning the area and then sanitizing it with a commercial disinfectant.  During a professional office cleaning in Van Nuys, the team typically uses a multi-purpose cleaner to remove any visible dirt, grime or debris from every surface.  It’s important to completely clean the restroom before attempting to disinfect it, as dirt can easily harbor bacteria which reduces the effectiveness of the sanitizer.

Once the floors, counter tops, toilets, sinks and other areas have all been completely cleaned, it’s time to disinfect!  There are many different products out there for disinfecting, and most need to be sprayed onto a surface and then left to sit for a few minutes in order to be most effective.  Although it’s a small step, using a disinfecting spray in addition to keeping the bathroom clean on a regular basis is a great way to reduce germs and helps prevent illness throughout the workplace.

The easiest way to ensure your restrooms are always clean, healthy and safe is to hire a professional office cleaning service to take care of the job for you.  The pros can come in on a regular schedule, making sure that your restroom is as clean and tidy as it can be at all times.  It’s a good way to show your employees that you care, and will always show visitors, potential clients and others that you take a professional approach to keeping your office clean and sanitary.