Is your work space well kept?

What does cleanliness mean to your business? Many businesses depend on excellent upkeep, any catering company for example, or restaurant, or care home (and the list goes on) wouldn’t be able operate without it, but this certainly isn’t where the need ends.

Imagine if you were a customer and entered a business that didn’t seem to take care of the upkeep. Your immediate impression would be negative, and it would linger in the memory long after you leave (probably for good).

Again if your business frequently hosts stakeholder meetings, or if suppliers come into your place of work you might find that they work with other companies instead. A clean and well organised place of work says a lot about your attitude, work ethic, and attention detail, and it’s something easy to stay on top of, with the right team at your service.

Losing business, trade, and reputation really isn’t necessary so, and Maidserve are there to help with Van Nuys office cleaning.

Hiring cleaners in house can often be an unnecessary cost for many businesses, and the time and resources spent ensuring that the job is done properly can be costly, plus it’s more staff on the payroll.

Unlike an in house staff cleaner though, companies like Maidserve have made their success by offering exceptional value, and by always delivering a top class service. If your satisfaction isn’t met, then the company knows it won’t be hired again, so it really is in the interest of Maidserve that you’re totally happy.

Your first service comes at a rate reduced of 20% off as a friendly way of saying hello, and to give you a discounted opportunity to fall in love with the service. Other pricing depends on your needs, and they will be only too happy to give you a precise quote online, by phone, or in a face to face consultation.