If you have decided to take the big step of outsourcing your office cleaning in Tarzana, then you deserve congratulations!  You have made a smart choice when it comes to maintaining the professional image of both yourself and your business.  Before you jump into letting just anyone into your office for cleaning, however, there are some things your should ask any potential cleaning company before hiring them.  It’s important to do your homework, as choosing the wrong company can result in wasted money and a poor cleaning job.

The first and perhaps most important question to ask any office cleaning company is whether or not they are insured.  Insurance for housecleaners and office cleaners helps protect the business owner or homeowner in situations where a member of a cleaning crew gets injured on the job at your location, and it also helps protect the cleaning company from accidents that occur at their business headquarters as well.

The second question that you should ask before hiring an office cleaning company is about the types of training that the cleaning team has and what kind of background check or pre-employment screening is required upon hiring a new employee.  This will give you a good idea of whether or not you are dealing with a professional company, as the best cleaning teams provide training in a variety of services and will only hire individuals that meet the requirements of the job and who pass a background or reference check.

Finally, be sure to ask about what types of services are included in the different types of cleaning that you are looking for.  Make sure that both sides are clear in terms of what types of tasks are expected to be completed in each cleaning session and how much it will cost each time.  This is the best way to compare different prices at different companies and can make it easier to pick the right partner to help keep your office running smoothly.