If you have recently signed up for Sherman Oaks office cleaning service, then you deserve a congratulations!  You are well on your way to improving your professional image by keeping up an organized, clean and healthy office environment when you sign up for office cleaning.  There are some helpful things that you and your staff can do, however, to help maximize your professional cleaning sessions.  By following some simple tips, your business can get the most out of your cleaning contract.

One of the biggest things that most businesses do to cut down on daily cleaning tasks is to enforce a strict “wash your own dishes!” rule.  Even the biggest corporations on the globe ask their employees to do their own dishes; so don’t be afraid to enforce it with your own staff.  It’s also smart to assign someone or a rotating team of people to monitor your office refrigerator and microwave.  Let employees know that food that isn’t dated will be tossed every Friday evening and check the microwave daily for spills that can start to get smelly fast.  Staying on top of food messes is one of the simplest ways that your business can stay cleaner every day.

If you can’t afford to have your entire office cleaned every day or even a few times a week, then think about some of the key areas that need the most maintenance and start out from there.  You may find that while your bathrooms need to be cleaned every day, your conference room is typically only used a few times a week.  Thinking of office cleaning in this way will help to prioritize your cleaning in a way that works best with your budget.

As a general rule, let employees know that it’s their responsibility to clean up their messes, including making sure that garbage ends up in a trash bin and that recycling bins are utilized whenever possible.  Instilling a sense of responsibility among your staff will help keep your office in tip-top shape in between cleanings.