The cleanliness of your office is a matter of concern to us. When you work in a tidy area, your mind gets relaxed and you are able to concentrate more. Proper and effective office cleaning starts from the communal bathrooms as these are the habitats of bacteria and germs that may cause several illnesses. When these bathrooms are left unattended, we risk a high chance of transmitting these germs to our working spaces. At Tarzana Office Cleaning, we guarantee you professional cleaning services that are effective in maintaining a high level of hygiene in office buildings. Today, we are pleased to share with you four simple guidelines that we recommend to be your routine while cleaning and disinfecting your office bathrooms.

Wash the toilet thoroughly

Ensure that you keep the toilets clean at all times. First, disinfect the exterior giving special attention to the handle, lid, and the toilet seats as these are the high-touch spots of all employees. Apply the toilet bowl cleaner under the rim on the interior of your toilet and give it some time so as it can break down any limescale, dirt, and bacteria. After that, scrub thoroughly until the bowl is crystal clear then flush and hold to rinse out the brush. Bacteria are well known to thrive on a wet surface and so remember to dry the brush by placing it under the toilet seat for a few minutes before putting it back into the bowl container.

Disinfect the sinks

From the toilets, our next step takes us into the washbasins. On these ones, it is necessary to clean them regularly since bacteria are easily deposited on them from the toilets. Fill the sink with clean water and add your bathroom cleaner. Use a rag to rub the mixture around the faucet and on the countertop and later dry up the basin. This helps to slay germs and bacteria.

Clean up the floor

Don’t forget to clean up the floor. A wet floor does not only look messy but also offers a platform for germs to thrive. Mopping the floor regularly reduces the risk of bacteria transmission to other surfaces, prevents sliding and unpleasant odors.

Put measures that will encourage hand washing

Our last step is the cleanliness of our hands. Consider installing enough automatic soap dispenser handwashing machines and sanitizers. This will reduce any form of congestion especially if the washrooms are highly trafficked. Ensure that there are some well-designed charts and flyers that relay information on proper handwashing procedures.

Following these simple procedures helps to keep your office bathrooms clean and healthy. When you want to improve your office cleanliness at large entrust Tarzana Office cleaning for high quality and professional tasks. Contact us for more information.