It can be tough to keep an office clean during the summer months, when your air conditioner and fans are often working overtime to keep areas cool.  With all of dust, smog and added pollen that’s in the air at this time of year, it’s important to keep your office as clean as possible.  That means paying special attention to areas like your AC unit, carpeting and blinds, which are the worst offenders when it comes to collecting dust.  Keeping a clean office all year long isn’t just the best way to make a good impression on visitors, it’s also highly effective at helping employees happy and healthy.  Read on for our best summer tips for getting the best Los Angeles office cleaning!

One of the most important things to do during the summer is to properly clean and maintain the HVAC system.  Keeping the filters clean is especially important, as this will help reduce the amount of dust that gets out into the air.  It’s also a good idea to regularly vacuum the coils of the air conditioner to keep down dust and other allergens.  Having your system cleaned and serviced now will always make it easier to make the switch to heat in the fall as your unit will already be clean and certified by a professional HVAC company.

Having your blinds and draperies cleaned during the summer is also a good way to keep down the dust, as these are often some of the dirtiest parts of an office. Your window coverings are exposed to all of the elements, making it important to keep the dust and dirt from really building up.  To prevent build up on your window coverings, make sure to have them cleaned a few times during the summer.  This is the best way to prevent overly dusty blinds and draperies in the office.

Getting your carpets cleaned during the summer is also a great idea for business owners, as the warm weather will make it easier to get the carpets dry and you won’t have to worry about dusty, dirty carpets in the fall.

By following our helpful tips, you too can enjoy a clean, dust-free office, all summer long!  Schedule your summer cleaning sessions today.