Who are Maidserve, and what is it that sets them apart from the competition? Well, Maidserve are one of the most experience cleaning services in LA, with over 2 decades of history behind them they offer premium Studio City office cleaning that you can always rely on.

So many companies out there it seems fail to live up to expectations when it comes to the cleaning industry. Since cleaning is something that many take for granted, as it’s something that happens every day, at every place of work, it’s importance can be overlooked. This is why perhaps so many office cleaning companies think they can get away with providing less than the best, hoping it will go unnoticed.

Many have had experiences where a cleaning company turns up without even basic supplies to carry out the work at hand. When you hire a company you want the whole responsibility of knowing about or worrying about any elements of the cleaning process out of mind. It shouldn’t be your responsibility to carry cleaning tools and equipment, and Maidserve are always fully prepared, unlike so many out there.

Next the cleaning staff can provide sloppy work, and this is a big no no. With Maidserve at your service you can guarantee that every single time they turn up to work, the work will be carried out to the highest level, always offering a deeper, and longer lasting clean.


Why deal with cleaners who don’t come into your place of work with a warm smile, and a friendly demeanour. All too often cleaning staff provide a substandard level of service because they don’t feel as if their boss is directly behind them, but this is no excuse. Every member of the Maidserve team will always be ready on hand to deal with your customer service concerns, and all are fully trained to make sure that the service is the best it can be.