Offices are one of the most common places a person can get infected with a range of bacterium. Some people manage to wash their hands properly but most do not. Washing our hands is one of the initial steps to keep germs away. However, proper cleanliness matters more. Using the Sherman Oaks office cleaning services can help you tackle the most germ-infested areas in your office. Here are some heavily germ-infested areas to look out for.

The Bathroom. A lot of people pick up faecal microorganisms, staph infections and E. coli bacterium from office washrooms. The toilet seat is the main area which contains all types of germs. Other spots include soap dispensers, faucet holders, door knobs, cleaning towels etc. Everything that the bare hands touch must be cleaned properly and disinfected.

The Kitchen. The office kitchen is another germ-infested area. Kitchen sinks are a birthing ground for bacteria. The kitchen is the main source of food, so it is better to keep it tidy and clean. Places like sinks and other fixtures, wipes, cupboard handles and utensils should be cleaned regularly to avoid build-up of microbes.

The Workstations. The place where the employees spend most of their day is basically infested with microbes. It is one of the dirtiest places in the office. The table tops are places where the hands of a person are placed. Those hands have been to the kitchen, lavatory etc. Our hands end up everywhere, the mouse, keyboard, papers, stationery etc. It is better to clean and disinfect the workstations regularly.

The Elevator. It is a place filled with a lot of people at any given time. The buttons of the lifts have to be thoroughly cleaned to keep them germ-free. The buttons are used continuously so it is better to get them cleaned on a regular basis as well.

The Reception area. All the activities of the office take place here. The lobby of the office has the highest amount of people at any given time of the day. Thus, it gets dirtier more quickly. Keeping hand sanitizer dispensers in the reception area especially near the waiting area is a good way to keep the office germ free. Regular cleaning of the area is also helpful.

It may seem impossible to keep the office area germ free but with the Sherman Oaks cleaning services, you can make your office germ-free! What are you waiting for? Give us a try now!