In this week’s post we’ll be taking a look at all of our industry leading Santa Monica office cleaning services, but first of all, what makes a clean and tidy workplace so important?

For one thing, consider motivation. There is a huge gap between how your staff will feel, on the one hand, working in an immaculate environment, and on the other, working in one with dust, dirt, grime, and mess. Providing a clean and tidy workplace won’t only make your staff feel more valued, though, it will also increase productivity by preventing obstructions and distractions.

Additionally, the appearance of your place of work will have a big impression on any visitors that you have into your business. Whether colleagues from other branches, investors, or customers, there are few better ways to demonstrate that you hold yourself to a high standard than with a presentable place of work.

Last but not least, maintaining a clean place of work is especially important for hygiene. Light switches, telephones, kitchen items and furniture all come into regular contact with many different people, and this can have a terrible effect when colds or the flu come round. By regularly carrying out deep and extensive cleans you can prevent bugs and illnesses from spreading around the office.

Maidserve has been providing high-quality commercial cleaning services to Hollywood and around the LA area for over twenty years. Over that time we’ve learned plenty about how to make our service as practical and convenient as possible for all our clients, as well as providing the very best, premium cleaning service.

All of our cleaning crews are fully trained to utilise the very best cleaning tools, supplies, and equipment. We provide deep cleans, ensuring to get to those hard to reach, and hard to find spots.