In the modern-day world, more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the greater environment, where most of them are recognizing the importance of using green alternatives and limiting harmful chemicals when maintaining their homes and businesses. This is why our Santa Monica Home Cleaning team prides itself in meeting our clients’ needs in a responsible and environmentally-friendly way and never compromises on our ideals or the final product we deliver. Here are a few tricks we use when carrying out our tasks;

Making your sink shine – did you know that citrus can be used to clean your sink, and actually make it shine? Well, you just need to cut grapefruit or lemon in half, then sprinkle some salt on the newly exposed inside, where you then use it to wipe your sink. Wait for a few minutes and then rinse with water. You will proud of what you will see.

Unclogging your shower head – do you have a clogged shower head? If so, add vinegar to a plastic bag, which you then attach to the showerhead using rubber bands, and let it sit for the night. By the time it’s morning, the problem should be fixed.

Dusting your blinds – by now, you must have known that blinds are notorious for collecting dust and grime. The good news though is that there is a chemical-free way of combating this! Just put a sock on your hand, soak it in water and vinegar solution, then wipe your blinds. Simple as that!

Cleaning your mattress – your mattress collects different types of stains, and giving it a thorough cleaning every so often is always recommended. Just mix a 1:3 vodka/water solution, spray it on the mattress, and then wipe it down. The solution will eliminate bacteria and disinfect the mattress.

Deep clean your microwave – microwaves notoriously collect grease and grime, which is a serious problem. To fix it, add a sliced lemon into a glass of water, then put it inside the microwave until it boils. Let it remain inside the fridge for a while and then wipe off the pesky grime with a piece of cloth. It will be super easy to clean.