Ever heard that old expression, tidy workplace equals a tidy mind? Well it’s true, and a clean and tidy work place also means a productive workplace, with productive staff.

Whoever it is that sees your workplace, whether this just means your own staff, or whether it includes customers, suppliers, and other business partners too – cleanliness is always important.

Consider it from the viewpoint of your staff, are they constantly having to navigate to avoid messy or dirty places? Does their precious time get eaten up washing coffee cups and lunch plates? Plus think about when you’re recruiting, there’s nothing like dirt, mess, or clutter for turning off the best candidates, who may look elsewhere for another position.

Then again consider all of those who aren’t staff, but who still see your workplace (regularly or otherwise). Any customer who visits a dirty premise certainly won’t return, and if your area manager occasionally frequents your office then this is something likely to be taken note of, and which reflects poorly on whoever is in charge.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you may be glad to know that there is a simple solution – Sherman Oaks office cleaning services from Maidserve.

Maidserve are experts in the field, and over their 20 year history they’ve built an impressive reputation for providing a reliable premium cleaning service to all of their clients.

There are no standard rates with Maidserve, as each package is specially made to suit your exact needs. Whether your work space is tiny or vast, Maidserve are happy to help, at times scheduled to fit in with whatever suits you.

When you contact Maidserve you’ll be given a quote to fit, and before any work begins you’ll have a face to face, sit down consultation where you can go other any particulars that you might want to mention before work begins.

Plus your first service comes with a 20% discount, just as a show of confidence that you’ll be over the moon with the service. Maidserve aren’t looking for quick work, they’re looking for customers for life.