Did you know that summer allergies are one of the biggest reasons that employees give for missing work during the year?  Most workers with allergies will miss around an hour per workweek of work due to their symptoms.  To reduce the likelihood of this happening in your business, help everyone out by providing a clean space with the help of office cleaning services in Van Nuys.

A professional cleaning service can help reduce the dust and other allergens all around the office, which can dramatically help to reduce allergy symptoms.  Regular dusting of the blinds, draperies and walls is just one way to reduce dust around the office.  Keeping the carpets and floors clean and routine dusting of electronics can be very helpful in keeping the dust around the area down as well.

Regular washing of windows is also important in helping to control summer allergy symptoms, as can making sure that windowsills and window coverings are clean as well.  Depending on how often your windows are opened during the week, a professional team will clean them every day or every few days, ensuring that they are always free from dust and other irritants.

Having your carpets vacuumed regularly with commercial grade vacuums with HEPA filters installed can really help to control the spread of allergens throughout the office too, as the allergens are sucked directly into the vacuum canister and out of your floors.  This is especially important for businesses that have a lot of foot traffic, and especially for those that allow pets.

No matter what types of cleaning your business needs, everyone’s health can benefit from getting regular office cleaning that they can depend on.  Those who have allergies will thank you by not getting sick from their allergies as often, and those who don’t will also appreciate the clean, healthy air.  Don’t let summer allergies get your staff down this year – call for a free cleaning quote today and start making a difference!