What’s the one biggest practical difference between having your own full-time cleaning and maintenance staff, and outsourcing the work? Of all the things that pop up the most important is that when they’re your staff, you manage them. Now this could be seen as a pro or a con depending on your stance, however what’s clear is that it’s more staff to manage, and more people books. On the other hand you might expect practicality issues with using an outside company, and most have experienced or heard of horror stories of totally unprepared and ill equipped staff turning up. The main issue here is the unknown.

What would be ideal is if you could rely on a company who have a track record of great punctuality, and great results with years of experience. Well if you look around you’ll see that there are, and Maidserve have decades of experience in the Los Angeles office cleaning services industry.

At Maidserve an emphasis is put on doing things a little differently. The service is all about professionalism from start to finish. New clients are invited to receive a totally free quote and take a brief from the client to ensure that the needs of the customer are absolutely clear. Next they implement their 3 part cleaning process to ensure results that are noticeably impressive.

All of this can be organised to suit whatever time frame works for the client, and late notice services are available too.

Finally all of Maidserve team members are fully trained, and turn up fully equipped with the finest pieces of cleaning technology which they’re fully trained to use. As a little icing on the cake all Maidserve staff are fully trained in customer service to provide the finest level of customer care.

For all these reasons and more Maidserve gave earned their prestigious status as the leading office cleaning service in the Los Angeles area.