We all know that maintaining a clean office is vital to both the workers and the organization. Considering that most office cleaning service providers are capable of cleaning your office comprehensively, it also means that the more they clean, the more you pay. The following are the minimum Santa Monica Office Cleaning needs that you can use to  budget on starting from most crucial one to the least:

Kitchens and Restrooms

Restrooms and kitchens tend to be the most common breeding sites for germs and bacteria because the water element in them creates a nurturing environment for microorganisms to thrive and multiply. They are also the most visited places by employees and even visitors and for those reasons, they need to be deep cleaned weakly and slightly daily to avoid the transmission of infection or even disgusting your clients and visitors.


Due to the high footfall found in an office, carpets get dirty more often especially if children are regularly present. Unlike hard floors that show dirt easily, carpets are capable of hiding dirt and dust for longer periods which can be airborne pollutants and even reproduction ground of germs and bacteria, if the carpet becomes wet and moist. A thorough carpet cleaning should be done quarterly.


Clean spotless windows impact the employee’s productivity and morale positively. There is that feeling of care and respect that employees feel when working on clean windows which in turn motivates them to do better. Also, clean windows allow sunlight to come and improves the view of the outside which surprisingly is refreshing mentally and healthy too. Ensure that your office windows are cleaned thoroughly twice a month on the outside and once a week on the inside.


These are like the ‘touchpoints’ of your daily activities. They include keyboards, desk surfaces, mice, drawer handles, and office equipment’s control panels. They pose a health hazard because germs and bacteria can easily accumulate because of the continued usage. Deep clean workstations weekly and daily during the flu and cold season.

Those are the genuine minimums that you should consider if you have any doubts about the minimum Santa Monica Office Cleaning needs.