Having the cleanest possible work environment isn’t just great for your employee’s health, but it’s a wonderful way to make a good impression on your clients.  If you want to get the most out of your Sherman Oaks office cleaning, don’t forget to pay special attention to your lobby area.  The first part of your business that your clients see, it’s critical to keep your lobby as clean as possible – at all times.  Perhaps the biggest traffic area of any business, keeping your lobby clean can help your business succeed.

When you look around your office’s lobby, what do you see?  If the first words that pop into your mind are “outdated”, “boring” and “dirty” then you’ve got some work to do!  An office cleaning team can take care of even the biggest mess, removing all of the dirt, grime and dust that can easily collect in these types of areas.  In many cases, a good shampooing of the carpets is also required to remove dirt that gets brought in from the outside and to get rid of other deeply imbedded particles.  For floors, your cleaning company can bring them back to their original luster, ensuing that all surfaces are sparkling clean when clients walk through the door.

Once you’ve got a clean space to work with, it’s time to start thinking about redecorating!  It can definitely be worth the time and money it takes to update the look of a lobby.  Try purchasing some inexpensive yet stylish couches, a funky chair and perhaps a few matching lamps.  Tying the look of the room together with a nice rug or other accessories can be helpful as well.

Once you’ve got the look of your lobby set, maintain it by signing up for regular office cleaning sessions to keep the area clean and tidy.  That way, your business will always be ready, no matter who stops by.  It’s a small but important investment that every business owner should make.