The truth is, bacteria, mold, and viruses thrive in warm, moist, and dark areas. This is exactly what yoga studios are, especially those studios that cater to hot yoga. So, what this means is that your studio might be the perfect breeding ground for germs and pathogens, and even when you wipe down every mat after every session, it not enough to prevent the spread of infection in your studio. Not to mention that you haven’t done anything to combat mold growth happening on the floor, walls, and ceilings. Los Angeles Commercial Cleaning can help you mitigate all these risks, helping you protect both your clients and building at the same time. So, let’s take a look at the reasons why you need to hire professional cleaning for your yoga studio.

Removing pathogens – an unclean yoga class is an ideal place for fungi, viruses, and bacteria growth, as it’s the case in a gym with dirty equipment. Other germs are found in yoga studios, including ringworm, plantar warts, pink eye, MRSA, HPV, and skin infections. Now, most of these germs are actually not harmful to human health, but there are some that are more serious. So, you can’t risk your clients getting infected.

Cleaning the sweat – in a yoga studio, anything that can get a sweat on it needs to be diligently cleaned using a disinfectant. So, things like yoga mats, weights, blocks, or any other equipment should never be left to air dry. Remember, when cleaning, avoid DIY cleaner mixtures for this purpose, as they aren’t reliable, safe, or effective. Some of these cleaners are also not effective ingredients as they don’t eliminate all the germs. So, basically, the simplest thing to do is to hire professional cleaners to take care of your studio, who will the best solution, both for your studio and the environment as well.

Eradicating mold – once your equipment is clean, now you focus on mold growth. The truth is, mold can be a real problem in your yoga class, especially hot yoga classes, given that mold thrives in humid spaces. For the health and comfort of your clients, you have to keep the mild under control. Mold can irritate lungs and produces a wet and unpleasant smell, and can certainly be a super turn-off to customers, especially the health-conscious ones. Professional will certainly help you eliminate mold completely. They have the cleaning tools and the expertise to do it.

Contact our Los Angeles Commercial Cleaning team today and let’s get your yoga studio clean and safe for your clients. We have the equipment and experience to do it faster and right, all the time.