Your gym or fitness center is not only the perfect place to lose weight, but it can be a place for your clients to get sick, especially if you don’t regularly clean it. Do you find your clients sneezing or complaining of allergies every time they come? Or is there a foul smell that has proved impossible to get rid of?

The thing is, fitness centers can be an ideal breeding ground for a host of bacteria and germs that spreads quickly if left unsanitized. As you may know, every piece of equipment in the gym is touched by so many sweaty and grimy hands, the carpet has to endure the weight of sweaty people and heavy foot traffic for countless hours under numerous weather conditions. So, you can just imagine how that gym will be in a few days if it’s not cleaned. There are so many germs spread throughout the entire gym after a training or fitness session, especially on fitness equipment, water fountains, bathrooms, and locker rooms. So, it’s important to ensure that everything is properly cleaned using the right cleaning products as regularly as possible – after every session if possible. Here is what need to be done to ensure your fitness center is clean and healthy;

Hand-sanitizers – if you want to kill off bacteria in the holders’ dirty and sweaty hands, before infecting others is by use of hand sanitizers, tissues, and paper towels. Positioned near every piece of equipment, you will be able to cut down the spread of germs drastically. Always encourage your clients to use them before and after touching the equipment.

Non-toxic disinfectants – always use non-toxic products to wipe the gym equipment several times a day. There are clients sensitive to the smell of chemicals or are allergic to them, which is why you will need non-toxic chemicals.

Get rid of odors – all those sweaty bodies crowded together will for sure create a foul smell that might be difficult to get rid of, and might irritate your clients a lot. So, minimize the allergens by vacuuming your carpets regularly, and steam clean them after every few months to get rid of stains. Also, clean the lockers with disinfectant to get rid of heavy odors.

Clean washrooms – it’s always tough to clean the bathrooms in a gym, but it is absolutely necessary, given that they are used throughout the day. Use disinfectants to ensure that you eliminate odors that may be coming from the washrooms.

If you want help maintaining cleanliness in your fitness center our Burbank Commercial Cleaning team is just a phone call away and will be happy to help.