Let’s be honest here, if you put a number of people in a confined space for eight hours or so in a day, of course, it’s going to get dirty. And while you may clean all the visible dirt away, making the office look neat and tidy, some of the dirtiest spots in that office are invisible to the naked eye, and they are the ones that matter the most. In fact, here are some of the dirtiest places to be on the lookout for;

Coffee pot handles – if there is a coffee pot in that office, you can bet that there are so many hands that get to grasp the handle on a daily basis. And with all the germs people carry in their hands, you can just imagine the number of germs will be in that handle.

Copier start button – most modern offices use photocopiers, and it is the start button that comes into direct contact with human fingers. What this means that there are so many germs on that button, more than you could even imagine.

Kitchen sink – in every office, the kitchen tends to be the communal section of the office, where employees gather for small talks when taking their mid-morning tea or lunches. This fact alone makes it one the dirtiest places in that office. When you combine food, tea, and water, not to mention multiple people touching the kitchen surfaces, and especially the sink faucet and the drains, you just know that there are going to be issued with cleanliness.

Office mugs – when the office mugs exchanges hands in the office, and then they happen to be cleaned by a communal cloth or sponge, the handles will be introduced to a new bacteria on regular basis, and the cleaning only makes it worse. As many people don’t wipe the handles, it inadvertently makes them of the dirtiest spots in the office.

Refrigerator door handles – the fridge is the other appliance that’s touched by most employees, specifically the door handles. The handles are touched throughout the day, and that means it will be a hotspot for spreading germs throughout the day.

Pens – frankly, not so many people would ever consider a pen to be a major breeding ground for bacteria, but you know what, they are. This is especially true when you consider that there are employees who put them in their mouth, while others use it as a tool for scratching themselves.

Are you surprised and maybe a little disgusted by the realization of some of the dirtiest spots in your office? Well, get in touch with our Encino Office Cleaning team, and we will help you clean all these dirt spots.