Having a pet at home gives a feeling of satisfaction and companion to pet lovers but I know dog owners will agree with me when I say, having a clean home is a struggle with a dog around. As much as dogs are cute and adorable, they tend to cause messes like fur everywhere, doggie footprints on the carpet, and on sofas which are tiresome when cleaning.

Cleaning a home with a pet is not like any other DIY process that you follow because as much as you need to clean your home; your pet must be kept safe as well while cleaning and that’s why Los Angeles Home Cleaning offers not only cleaning but maintaining a home with a dog. With the right tools and skills, the following are some of the things they carry out that keep your home neat and your pet safe as well:

  1. With a team of professionals that are able to lift and move furniture and fixtures, they clear all clumps of doggy fur that is visible and even the ones stuck under your bed, couches, and other furniture around the house.
  2. Worried about bacteria and pollen that can be found in your home? They have vacuum systems that are able to remove almost 99% pet allergens and exfoliation because of the HEPA filtration in the vacuum systems.
  3. Having a pet means you cannot avoid the presence of dust in the house because of their dirty paws. Los Angeles Home Cleaning ensures every inch of the house is thoroughly cleaned with extra attention to ensure that no dust is left loafing around.
  4. They use an eco-friendly product to clean both your home and dog. Some products might have some side effects like itching later to your dog and that’s why they use pet-safe products to clean your home.
  5. Aside from cleaning pet-related dirt, they disinfect other delicate places like your toilet, make the bed, wipe kitchen cabinet and leave your floors spotless.

Consider Los Angeles Home Cleaning for professional house cleaning and dog maintenance that you can’t do it yourself. Choose the right professional and save money eventually.