If youíre looking for the best office cleaning service in Encino, then what are your criterion? Well youíd like a company with real expertise first of all. Youíd also probably like one which had years of experience behind it, and a strong reputation which goes with it too. Yes all of this but what else should the very best have to convince you of their value?

Fair prices are important, but itís also essential that the staff are well trained, polite, punctual, and who come with the finest equipment and supplies to get the job done. Yep, now weíre getting there, but thereís plenty more.

Maidserve promise to always fit their new cleaning regime exactly to match the schedule that works for you, so you neednít be disturbed on your day. If you like it can be as if the cleaning fairy shows up when youíre not looking, and permanently keeps your place of work immaculate.

When you first hire Maidserve youíll be given an entirely free consultation to get to grips with what exactly it is that would suit your particular needs, and in order to give you a quote for the service. Once they know exactly what you want, thatís it, the routine can be as little as a one time job, to a life long partnership.

From this point youíre offered complete peace of mind. They guarantee that never again will you find dirt, or dust. Never will you enter an unsanitary bathroom, or need to fear unsightly mold problems. And this isnít just their word, they would refund any customer who was unsatisfied (if that ever happened!). All of this comes as standard with the Maidserve service.

In other words if youíre looking for a first class cleaning service in Encino, you should look up Maidserve. They tick all the boxes.