Keeping your office in tip-top shape is the key to maximizing employee productivity and promoting a professional image for clients.  While you may rely on your Burbank office cleaning team to handle both the routine cleaning and the periodic deep cleaning processes, there are some small things you can do that can help keep your office even cleaner while you wait for your next cleaning appointment.

One of the easiest way to cut down on surface dirt and other matter being tracked into your office building is to invest in some good, thick mats for your doors.  Simply using mats at your doors can help dramatically cut down on the amount of dirt and debris that is tracked in throughout the day and it can help reduce the wear and tear on your carpets.  Not only will your carpets stay looking nicer when there is less dirt embedded in them, but they’ll require less steam cleaning throughout the year thanks to fewer stains and improved overall condition.

Next, try to cut down on the papers floating the office, as they often lead to cluttered piles of useless items that get stacked up and forgotten.  If you are receiving too much junk mail, contact the companies and have your name taken off of the mailing lists.  Too many credit card offers?  Contact the credit companies and asked to be removed from their lists too.

Sometimes just cutting down on the clutter coming in can really help keep things tidy, so take small steps each day to throw out unused items and recycle papers that no longer need to be around.  This can really help keep the mess down in your office.

Finally, give employees space in their workstation to organize their materials.  This could include a desk with some good storage drawers, bins for office supplies and shelves for books and papers.  Helping everyone stay organized every day will help keep your office cleaner in between visits by your cleaning team and will help your business stay productive and healthy throughout the year.